Venture Review

Japan Ventures Review No.10

VENTURE REVIEW Japan Ventures Review No.10
September 2007

Contribution Article

Nobuyuki Hata
 The legal structure and employment system of venture capital firms in Japan


Takashi Watanabe
 Innovation Process and Strategy of University Start-ups

Yuki Tamai
 Emerging Regional Venture Capital in Japan,and its Function

Case Study

Yoshihiro Ito
 The Reason for Failure of Emergent New Business Development Based on Foreign R&D

Takayuki Shiohama/Naokazu Takaishi
 A Study of the Venture Markets Volatility in Japan

Reaearch Data

Yukiko Shinya/Hitoshi Kikumoto
 Characteristics and Transition of University Spin-offs in Japan

Akie Teranishi
 The Current Status and Issues of “Community Business” in Japan

Koji Kawamura
 For the Truly Collaborative Effort and Succession on Joint Research of Academic Institute and Entrepreneurs

Kazuo Umemura
 University ventures but university-based ventures

Book Review

Haruomi Shindo
 The Flight of the Creative Class
 written by Richard Florida translated by Norio Iguchi

Special Feature

Monthly Seminar (September 2006-June 2007)

Japan Ventures Review No.9

VENTURE REVIEW Japan Ventures Review No.9
March 2007

Contribution Article

Akio Nishizawa
 Regional Innovation System and the Role of New Ventures


Kanichiro Suzuki
 Empirical Study of Psychological Empowerment in Japanese SMEs

Miyako Ogura
 Top Scientists’ Research and Innovation Under the Major Change of Japanese Industry-University System

Kai-Wen Hsieh
 An Empirical Analysis on the Influence of Loan Interest rate to SMEs in Taiwan

Case Study

Koichi Ashida/Haruomi Shindo/Hiromichi Kimura
 Designing of Business Concepts of a Biotechnology Start-up

Seiki Yukimoto
 Reorganization of the Local Industrial Systems and Newly Started Business by the Small and Medium-sized Companies

Katsuya Hasegawa
 Capital structure restructuring in high technology startup companies

Research Note

Takashi Natori
 Creation and Management of Intellectual Property in Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises and Venture Businesses

Tsuyoshi Nakashima
 A study on effects of the entrepreneur education for the youth

Research Data

Hidehiro Kimura
 Social Meaning of Independent Contractor

Yoshinori Takatsu
 Overall View of Academic Ventures & NPOs in the Region

Book Review

Futoshi Akiba
 Innovation Cluster
 written and edited by Akio Nishizawa/Michi Fukushima

Special Feature

The Ninth Annual Japan Meeting
Opening Speech/Keynote Address/Discussion/Announcement of JASVE Award/Panel Discussion/Closing Speech

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