Venture Review

Japan Ventures Review No.1

Japan Ventures Review Japan Ventures Review No.1
November 1999


Kyoko Izawa
 Prerequisites to A Successful Top Executive

Eiichi Kasahara/Norio Otake
 Hypothesis and Frameworks for Estimating the Effects of IR Activites

Tomomichi Yoshikawa
 The Main Conditions In which R&D Based Ventures

Yuji Nonagase
 A Study on Local Entrepreneur and Growth Strategy

Hironori Higashiide
 Post-investment activities of the venture capitalest in the UK

Yasunori Baba
 Analysis on Venture Proposal of University Students

Hiroaki Yokobayashi
 A proposal of ventures’reconstruction

Case Study

Masaki Kuroki
 Entrepreneurship education at private foundations

Yoshihiro Ito
 Processes of entrepreneurship for corporate venturing within Japanese large firms

Satoshi Hoshino
 Productive trial of Entrepreneur and it’s evaluation

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