Venture Review

Japan Ventures Review No.3

Japan Ventures Review Japan Ventures Review No.3
November 2002


Syuichi Matsuda
 Can Japan Change its Entrepreneurial Climate?

Akihiro Okumura
 Innovative Knowledge of Japanese Manufacturing Industry

Jyun Matsuda
 The Chracteristics and roles of Innovation in Mid-sized Pharmaceutical Corporations

Noriko Taji
 Technology Stock for Commercialization in Radical Innovation

Kiichiro Kobayashi
 Innovation in the 21st Century:Intrapreneurs Promoting Innovation in the New Era

Motohiro Nakauchi
 The Form of Technological Knowledge Transfer and Competitive Advantages

Tetsuo Kadowaki
 Confict of Interests for Venture Capital Firms in Japan

Yongju Kang
 Theoretical Consideration of Influencing Factors in Venture Performance

Case Study

Masayuki kondo
 Upstage of University Spin-off Venture Businesses in Japan

Etsuko Tsutsumi
 A Comparative Study between America and Japanese Entrepreneurs

Yuji Nonagase
 A Study of Entrepreneurial Spirit among

Toru Tanigawa
 Research of “Networking Associations” in Silicon Valley

Hongzhou Li
 The Formation of Zhongguancun Technopolis and the Technopolis Wheel Model

Nobuyuki Harada/Kyoichi Kijima
 Decision Making for Entrepreneurial Activity Highlighting the Income-Leisure Tradeoff

Research Data

Nobuyasu Kaneko
 The trend and issue on IT venture in Yokohama city

Koji Sasaya/Shinji Koyama
 Function of R&D Venture in the 21 Century

Book Review

Kiyoaki Shiotsugu
 The Strategy and Organization of New Business Development:
 An Analysis of Constructing Prototypes and Changing Domain

 written by Kozo Yamada

Special Feature

The Fourth Annual Japan Meeting
Opening Speech/Keynote Address/Panel Discussion/Summary Discussion

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