Venture Review

Japan Ventures Review No.4

Japan Ventures Review Japan Ventures Review No.4
November 2003


Yoshinori Shiozawa
 Redevelopment of region Issue of Kansai

Kozo Yamada/Yoshihiro Eshima
 Management and Strategic Desion in Innovative Small Firms in Japan

Masayuki Kondo
 Venture Cluster

Teruyuki Bunno
 An Empirical Analysis Of The Cluster Function On Venture Businesses

Tomomichi Yoshikawa
 Regional Innovation System for Sustaining Cluster

Yoshinori Takatsu
 Business crises, failure and recovery of Starting-ups

Takuma Fujihashi
 Ventures of the software Industry in Japan

Harumi Shindo
 SMEs’ Growth and Development Involved in Bussiness Model Change

Yoichi Hiramatsu
 Venture Business and Strategic Human Resource Management

Misanori Takahashi
 The Relation of Venturing and Culture

Case Study

Hitoshi Iwama
 Interaction between Entrepreneurship and the Market Circumstances

Daisuke Nogi
 The construction process of the business incubator concept

Yongju Kang
 Consideration on the existence and conquest of Chasm in the growth process of an Innovation Cluster created by policy

Research Data

Kenichi Matsui
 Case analysis of the probability of success of businesses by R&D-oriented, small and medium-sized firms

Jun-ishi Uchida
 Characteristics of the Network in Indian IT Industry

Hiroyuki Ozaki
 Research on definition of “Success” in case of US biotechnology venture firms

Yutaka Kato/Ichiro Yamada
 Managerial Accounting for Venture Business

Book Review

Futoshi Akiba
 talian Entrepreneurs Networks
 written by Kyosuke Inagaki

Special Feature

The Fifth Annual Japan Meeting
Opening Speech/Keynote Address/Cluster Seminar/Panel Discussion/Closing Speech

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