Venture Review

Japan Ventures Review No.6

Japan Ventures Review Japan Ventures Review No.6
September 2005

Contribution Article

Akira Imada
 Conflict of Interest in University-industry Relations

Osamu Naito/Yuki Mogi/Tsukasa Motoyama
 History of “Japanese Academic Venture Business” and Efficiency of “the Temporary Law concerning Measures for the Promotion of the Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises”


Tetsuya Kirihata
 Valley-of Death Phenomenon of New Technology-Based Small Firms

Tadashi Uda
 A new perspective of entrepreneurial career

Takayuki Asao/Hironori Higashide
 Entrepreneurs’ Intelligence and Behavior, Their Effects on Venture Performance

Case Study

Kazuo Umemura
 Possibility of establishing a venture company that has Japanese taste in the field of probe microscopy

Yoshinori Isagai
 An Explorative Study on Entrepreneur Incubation in a Local City

Yoshihiro Ito
 The Effects from External Prominent Companies on New Business Development Process

Research Data

Hiromu Onose
 Imbuement of Corporate Philosophy in New Ventures

Masahiko Komori
 A Study of Japan’s Business Incubators’ Locations

Takashi Matsuo
 A Study of B to B EC in the field of Electronic  Device Procurement

Yasutoyo Suzuki
 Entrepreneurial Ability and Decision of Entrepreneur

Tsuyoshi Nakashima
 A Study of New Human Organization in New Ventures

Yoshinori Shimosakai
 A Comparative Study of the Corporate Success and Failure in GreenSheet

Hirokazu Hasegawa
 Improvement of Venture Capital Returns In Japan

Takeshi Iwasaka
 What Should Institutional Investor Act for Venture Capitalist Selection?

Zhu Jun
 Corporate Venture Capital Development Mechanism in China

Book Review

Tsuyoshi Nakashima
 enture Catalyst
 written by Donald L.Laurie translated by Akira Fukumoto

Special Feature

The Seventh Annual Japan Meeting
Opening Speech/Keynote Address1, 2/Panel Discussion/Closing Speech

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