Venture Review


September 2008


Futoshi Akiba
 The interaction process between an entrepreneur and the outside cooperators in the seedtime

Satoshi Kanamori
 Research on introduction factor of Balanced Scorecard in Small and medium-sized enterprises

Misanori Takahashi
 Emerging Entrepreneurship of embedded entrepreneur

Book Review

Yuki Tamai
 The Rise of the Creative Class
 written by Richard Florida

Special Contribution

<Special Contribution to the Memory of Professor Hideichiro Nakamura[1927-2007]>
Memoir of Professor Hideichiro Nakamura― List of Works
Tadao Kiyonari  Farewell Professor Hideichiro Nakamura
Koji Hirao    My Obligation in Learning to Professor Hideichiro Nakamura

特集/Special Feature

 Monthly Seminar (September 2007-March 2008)

Japan Ventures Review No.11

VENTURE REVIEW Japan Ventures Review No.11
March 2008

Contribution Article

Tetsuo Minato
 Performance of the Deregulation and the Role of Entrepreneurship


Kozo Yamada/Yoshihiro Eshima/Susumu Kurokawa
 Comparative Study of Technology-based Small Firms in Japan and US

Yoshihiro Eshima
 Survival Factors of New Business Developing SMEs:Evidence From Japan

Case Study

Nobuyoshi Muto
 The measure of improving a disparity in economic power between local and urban society

Masahiro Matsuno
 Technology Transfer by Limited Liability Partnership

Katsuya Hasegawa
 A Study on Corporate Venture Capital Activities

Mikihito Hayashi
 The Architecture of an IS Procurement Model of a Local Government for Software Industry Development and the Interfirm Network

Research Note

Tsuyoshi Nakashima
 Situations and tasks on establishment of senior ventures for nursing care

Takayoshi Mine
 Success factor research by the entrepreneur’s behavioral trait analysis

Research Data

Nobuyuki Kishida
 Corporate reforms and the management cycle of Net One Systems

Kanetaka Maki/Yuji Yamanaka
 The Research on Designing University-Based Incubation Network Based on Classification of Spin-offs

Book Review

Kenta Funaoka
 written by Hirokazu Hasegawa

Special Feature

The Tenth Annual Japan Meeting
Announcement of JASVE Award/LectureI・II・III/DiscussionI・II/Closing Speech

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