Venture Review


Contribution Article

Shuichi Matsuda
 Re-recognizing of seeking for the new economic engine of aging country Japan

Koichi Kawabe
 A design of the social systems for local entrepreneur personnel training

Book Review

Masayuki Kitajima
 New Ventures Changing the Society

written and edited by Yoshihiko Akashi

William Ng
 Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide

Written by Amy Shuen (O’Reilly Media 2008)

Special Feature

 The Twelfth Annual Japan Meeting

Announcement of JASVE Award/Lecture Ⅰ・Ⅱ/Discussion Ⅰ・Ⅱ/Closing Speech


Contribution Article

Shuichi Matsuda
 Window-Dressing of Venture Business FOI and Problems of 5 Related Organizations

Research Note

Makoto Hirano
 Role of Community for Regional Business

Research Data

Tokushi Nakajima
 Regional CFO Assisting System and Entrepreneur Training Support Policies

Sakae Takagi
 An Exploration of Method on Enhancing Service Idea to Opportunity

Book Review

Ken Ishizaka
 Enterprising Innovation

written by Hiroyuki Itami

Yasuyuki Yokota
 Innovation Strategy

written by Kiyoshi Tamba

Special Feature

 Monthly Seminar

(May 2009 – November 2009)

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