Venture Review


Contribution Article

Shigeo Kagami
 Establishment of Innovation Ecosystem in Japan

Research Note

Morihide Nishihira/Takashi Natori
 Entrepreneurial Orientation and SMEs’ Participating in Collaboration with Medical Professionals

Research Data

Yasuo Matsuda
 Development and Implementation of Entrepreneurial Education Program to Activate the Industrial Market on Sports

Book Review

Satoshi Ajiro
 “The End of Competitive Advantage”

written by Rita McGrath

Hisao Tomae
 “Survival of Creative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”

written by Yoshihiro Eshima

Kou Yukawa
 “Alliance Innovation”

written by Yuichiro Nakamura


Contribution Article

Ryuichi Morishita
 National Strategy for Health Care in Abenomics from the View of Regulatory Affair

Research Note

Akio Nishizawa
 SBIR Program at the Non-acquisition Agency

Isao Morioka
 A Study on the Establishment of Medium-sized Enterprises

Kenji Miyake/Yoshiyuki Matsuura/Ken Kaminishi
 A Study on the Innovation Ecosystem for the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Industries

Research Data

Tomohisa Ito
 Overcoming the Valley of Death in the Academic Startup

Book Review

Katsuhiko Iwasaki
 “The Founder’s Dilemmas”

written by Noam Wasserman, translated by Ikuo Ogawa

Takehiko Yasuda
 “Macro-performance of Small and Medium Enterprises”

written by Yasuo Goto

Yoji Takahashi
 “A History of Venture Finance”

written by Masato Ono

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 Research Activities

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