Venture Review


Contribution Article

Tomoyo Kazumi
 The Challenges on New Business Creation by Kawasaki City, Experiences and Future Prospects

Case Study

Yoshihiro Eshima/Yoshikazu Fujino
 Developmental Disorders and Entrepreneurship

Research Data

Takaaki Hoda/Yuichiro Kubo
 A Study on Attribute of Gift Providers in Hometown Tax Donation

Book Review

Yuichi Goto
 “Ethical Entrepreneurship”

written by Keiko Yokoyama

Hiroyuki Ozaki
 “What makes a start-up company grow fast?”

written by Hideo Kobayashi

Daiji Fujii
 “The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google”

written by Scott Galloway


Contribution Article

Shuichi Matsuda
 Proposal of Institutional Re-design of Statistical Survey Data Visible from the Government KPI Change Related to Place of Business and Enterprise Opened / Going out of Rates

Nobuyuki Hata
 The Development of Venture Capital in Japan and the Remaining Issues

Case Study

Book Review

Akio Nishizawa
 “A Civic Entrepreneur”

written by Monty Jones

Kaori Shinozaki
 “Lead and Disrupt”

written by Charles A. O’Reilly III / Michael L. Tushman

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